About us

An integrated logistics supplier

A solid logistics group which focusses on client satisfaction, flexibility and quality against competitive prices : Widem Logistics.

Over the past 30 years, the indepedent family company of Yvan Vande Ghinste grew into a partner for dozens of companies worldwide for  all their logistic needs.

Over 30 years of experience

In 1983, Widem Corporation BVBA was founded as a customs broker.

With the breakdown of inner European borders, Widem has succesfully converted itself into an integrated logistics provider.

In 2012, Widem Corporation NV and Wimatrans NV merged into Widem Logistics NV. With over 30 years of experience, she can provide you with a solution for all your logistical demands not just in the European Union but also in Morocco, Turkey, China, Dubai and the former East Bloc countries.

Widem Logistics can also provide you with distribution services. In 2013 a new hub was opened in Blyes ( near Lyon in France ) and over 35 delivery vans have been bought. Moreover, in 2015, we will build a new crossdock in Germany in order to be able to deliver your goods over Germany and the former East Bloc countries. On a weekly basis, we make over 500 deliveries to over 300 shops.

Do you have goods which have to be delivered as soon as possible? Our express department is ready to support you in any possible way.

To be able to keep all our shipments in own management, we deliberately founded our own trucking companies in Spain ( Widem Espãna S.L.U. ), Morocco ( Widem Logistique SARL ) and Slovakia ( Widem Slovakia S.R.O. ). This process allows us to provide you with the best service against a competitive price.

Apart from our transportation department, we can also offer you a wide range of possible logistic services : customs formalities, fiscal representation, warehousing, handling, pick & pack. In a word : all logistical activities.

Widem Logistics is conveniently accesible next to the E17 highway, a few miles from the French border.

Why should I choose for Widem Logistics NV?

The synergy with our subsidiaries and exclusive agents ensures safe, swift and reliable shipments to numerous destinations.

We dispose of a fleet of over 120 lorries ( equiped with a tracking system ) of which a few have refridgerating capabilities and the rest has special equipment installed to easily transport hanging garments. Apart from those lorries, we also have over 35 delivery vans.

In addition, we have years of experience with shipments to countries as Morocco and Turkey. We can also deliver or collect directly to/from our clients business partners.